We manage Your E-commerce store for you so you don't have to

Done-For-You Management For Your E-commerce Store, So You Can Focus On Business Growth

Discover how over 107 other business owners are cutting costs and reducing their workload with our done-for-you management solution for Amazon and Shopify Stores.


If you don’t have someone reliable taking care of operations


Revenue stagnates or (worse) drops


You waste valuable time on low ROI Tasks


You're constantly putting out fires

Without competent staff operating the store, e-commerce businesses cannot sustain growth or profitability at scale

Cycle of Negative Scalability

The Hamster Wheel

We don’t want that for you.

Utopian VA has helped 107+ e-commerce business owners by taking over operations of their stores so they can focus on growing it, instead of managing it. We can help you do the same, too.

Are you stuck in the Cycle of Negative Scalability or the Hamster Wheel?
Are you struggling to find cost-effective and trustworthy staff for your e-commerce store?
What if you could reliably delegate all the time-consuming, repetitive tasks in your e-commerce store? Without having to invest any time into recruiting or training new staff and without having to pay an arm or a leg?


Cut Costs And Reduce Workload

With Our Done-For-You Store Management Services


Easy Subscription

It’s a simple no commitment monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime with one month’s notice.



Speed is vital in business. One more day without having your issue resolved is one more day where you’re making less money. We facilitate fast and convenient communication through Slack, a professional direct messaging app. This allows for quick turnarounds.



Teamwork makes the dream work. We will allocate a lead VA, one backup VA, and a Team Leader to your business. Your VA will be managed by us, so you can focus on growing your business. In case there are any issues with your VA, we have an instant backup for you, with no additional charges.



Our team is trained on a weekly basis to keep their mindset and skillset sharp and up to date with industry best practices. This makes it effortless for you, as you invest minimal time or energy into training your VA.


Offshore Advantage

Save costs by hiring offshore Virtual Assistants (VAs). They provide the same quality of work while significantly reducing your business expenses.


Customer Service

We respond to all your customer messages swiftly and professionally. It is our priority to create a pleasant experience with your brand and turn one-time customers into repeat customers to save you marketing costs.


Inventory Management

We check your stock levels and keep your storefront updated, so you don’t have to constantly stress about your available inventory.


Order Processing

We keep an eye on incoming orders and process them quickly. Depending on your fulfilment process, we check for the actual dispatch of the order or any price discrepancies you might face from your supplier.



According to your specific needs, we can create sales, refund and Amazon / merchant fees reporting. So you’re always in control of your business and aware of what’s going on.

How Does It Work?


Initial Consultation

It’s a simple no commitment monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime with one month’s notice.



After you have signed up for your monthly subscription, we book an onboarding call to go over next steps and information we need to get started. You will meet part of the team you will be working with and receive an invite to a Slack Group Chat to facilitate quick communication.


Store Management

Your VA will start managing your store operations right away. It might take 2 – 3 weeks for the staff to fully adjust to your personal preferences and unique processes, but rest assured, the Team Leader supervising your VA will expedite this process as much as possible to ensure smooth operations.


Break The Wheel

Congratulations! You have successfully delegated day-to-day operations in your business to a reliable VA and broke free from the Hamster Wheel and the Cycle of Negative Scalability. Now you can relax. Or you can focus on increasing revenues and create explosive growth going forward! Either way, we got you covered.

Once our VAs start running your store, you’ll not only get dozens of hours of your time back – you’ll feel peace of mind knowing that someone trustworthy is managing your store.

Now your store is ready to scale successfully!

Path Of Positive Scalability

The Freedom Path

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Based on 29 reviews
Kavin Mohanasundharam
Kavin Mohanasundharam
Timely and Precise Output. My enquiry with them was for market research. At every stage of the research I had an update on the status of the research and that I was able to affirm they were on the right direction. Any suggestions or feedbacks were valued and immediate action was taken to move forward. Overall had a great experience and continue to work for longer time.
Sandra Rodriguez
Sandra Rodriguez
Customer service is outstanding, they are always available and helpful.
Khadija Ahmadi
Khadija Ahmadi
It was really great to have them, they are always active and available .They make all my work easy. Working with Varalaksmi and Shuvam is really a great thing, they are really a good asset to my company.
Asad Mahmood
Asad Mahmood
Working in a full time job didn’t give me enough time to concentrate fully on my business, I decided to opt for services provided by Utopian Va Ltd they have been a great joy to work with especially my account manager Debopama, she has always gone the extra mile to help and has done an excellent job, very helpful. I defo recommend Utopian VA services.
Glomil Limited
Glomil Limited
Working with Utopian Va Ltd has been excellent. The professionalism shown whilst running our store has been brilliant. Maanisha has helped us through the process with her expertise and on time work commitment. Highly recommended for anyone who is new to the industry and need someone trustworthy to handle the day to day activities.
Clive Beal
Clive Beal
Utopian VA manage my Amazon stores and I couldn’t cope without them. Catherine looks after me very well and they are very friendly and knowledgeable on how to manage the the every day stuff as well as helping to grow sales.
Tami Emslie
Tami Emslie
The team have been amazing at managing my online store on my behalf. Very quick and helpful to answer any queries I may have. Looking forward to another successful year working together. Thank you!
Alan Butler
Alan Butler
I have been with UtopianVa for over a year now and I am totally happy with all the service they have given me. The staff are excellent in all ways and I have had no problems at all. I would recommend this Company to anyone needing help with their online business.
Tarah Repetski
Tarah Repetski
Working with Minnu and the rest of the Utopian team has been fantastic. When I first started the store, I had no idea what I was getting into or the time it would require from me. It was clear pretty quickly I was not going to be able to keep up and I definitely needed help. Minnu has been a life saver, keeping up on the day to day and always keeping me informed on what is going on with the store. She is fantastic at responding to customers and the replies are always timely and professional. If you are a busy professional like myself, let the Utopian team help you, you won't regret it.
Paul Findlow
Paul Findlow
I have nothing but good things to say about Utopian. It has been a little less that a year since my Amazon store was launched and my team at Utopian has been there for me every step of the way. To no fault of Utopian's there have been issues with Amazon and deactivations that we have dealt with. The team has been on top of each issue working diligently to solve each problem. If I could give higher that 5 stars I would!



A VA is usually a remote offshore team member who you can hire at a significantly lower cost than a local employee. Our VAs are fully trained to provide customer care, manage your e-commerce store and complete administrative tasks on your behalf. You don’t even have to ‘hire’ them as employees, we provide a no commitment monthly subscription service.

We work with business owners who sell on Amazon or Shopify. We cover businesses who are dropshipping, operating a FBA or FBM store or are private labelling their products. Some of our clients are just starting out, while others are well-established and generating millions in revenue each year.

Utopian VA is uniquely positioned in the market to provide cost-efficiency and high performance in managing day-to-day operations for Amazon or Shopify stores. We intimately understand the needs of our clients and specially train our staff to be able to fulfil them expertly. You won’t have the headache of hiring, training and retaining staff on your own. We protect you from increasing overhead costs more than they need to be AND we are more affordable than the average virtual assistant service.

As we work in a virtual environment, we believe in overcommunication to ensure smooth operations. Our clients enjoy the level of communication and speed of response their VA provides and regularly praise this aspect of our service in the online reviews they post about our company.

English proficiency is a basic requirement for recruitment and all our team members have successfully completed university education. Should you feel unsatisfied with your VA’s level of English proficiency, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will replace your VA.

First, we would appreciate if you give the VA’s team leader the opportunity to have a conversation with you to understand exactly which aspects of the VA’s performance you are unsatisfied with. We will retrain the VA to remedy these aspects, but if you are still not satisfied afterwards, we are happy to provide a replacement free of charge.

We can cater towards North American and European time zones. Most of our current clients are based in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada and South Africa.

Our clients appreciate that we are specialized in the e-commerce industry, whilst other agencies jump on many different industries at the same time. We operate our clients’ businesses like our own and are intimately familiar with the usual problems in e-commerce businesses. On top of that we tailor our services to each client and adjust our processes to fit into their business. We don’t just recruit VAs for your business, like other agencies do, but we train and manage them as well. For you it is just a simple monthly subscription, saving you the bureaucracy that comes with regular employment.

Contact Us and we will have a free consultation to understand your specific business needs, to find out if we can help you.

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