How Utopian VA Got Started

At Utopian VA, we understand first hand the challenges that come with running a successful ecommerce business. When we started our own ecommerce business, we quickly found ourselves overwhelmed with the amount of tasks we had to complete all by ourselves. The sheer amount of work took us away from valuable time with family and friends, and had us working long nights just to keep up.

That’s when we decided to hire virtual assistants (VAs). We trained them to take over all of our time-consuming tasks and found that they reliably handled everything we threw at them. With a tremendous amount of time now freed up, we were able to reinvest it into growing our businesses much more quickly.

However, we also noticed that other ecommerce entrepreneurs who tried to hire VAs were having mediocre experiences. They were frustrated at spending too much time and money training staff who still wouldn’t get it right.

With a passion for training and coaching, and specialized in building strong, stable systems with predictable outputs, we founded Utopian VA. Our mission is to help other entrepreneurs succeed in their ecommerce ventures by providing a done-for-you management solution through reliable, expertly trained and experienced VAs.

Company Values


Verification and Registration

We make sure your online store is set up for success from the very beginning by helping you navigate Amazon’s registration and verification process.


Inventory Management

We make sure you have up-to-date listing & reporting on how much inventory you have and push you to achieve stronger inventory turnover.


Customer Support

We keep your customers satisfied by providing friendly, prompt support that keeps the orders coming!


Account Health

We make sure every listing is performing as well as possible and that you’re adhering to Amazon’s ever-changing policies so your account stays healthy.


Order Processing and Tracking

Every order is important! We ensure your customers can expect consistently smooth order processing and tracking.


Sales Reports

We provide sales breakdowns each week so you have an accurate picture of how your online store is doing.


Profit Margin Calculations

We ensure your store is profitable and your items are properly priced by providing you with monthly sales and profit calculations.


Refund Management

When a product is defective or a customer is dissatisfied we make issuing refunds easy. We also provide refunds analysis and reports each month.


Feedback Management

We manage customer feedback and gather insights so we can keep customer satisfaction as high as possible and showcase it to potential customer.

Our Team

Our Team is diligently trained and aligns with all the core values. Most of the team is based in India. Every single team member is university educated and proficient in English. They work hard to provide an exceptional service to our clients, and we are extremely proud of their efforts!

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