A VA is usually a remote offshore team member who you can hire at a significantly lower cost than a local employee. Our VAs are fully trained to provide customer care, manage your e-commerce store and complete administrative tasks on your behalf. You don’t even have to ‘hire’ them as employees, we provide a no commitment monthly subscription service.

We work with business owners who sell on Amazon or Shopify. We cover businesses who are dropshipping, operating a FBA or FBM store or are private labelling their products. Some of our clients are just starting out, while others are well-established and generating millions in revenue each year.

Utopian VA is uniquely positioned in the market to provide cost-efficiency and high performance in managing day-to-day operations for Amazon or Shopify stores. We intimately understand the needs of our clients and specially train our staff to be able to fulfil them expertly. You won’t have the headache of hiring, training and retaining staff on your own. We protect you from increasing overhead costs more than they need to be AND we are more affordable than the average virtual assistant service.

As we work in a virtual environment, we believe in overcommunication to ensure smooth operations. Our clients enjoy the level of communication and speed of response their VA provides and regularly praise this aspect of our service in the online reviews they post about our company.

English proficiency is a basic requirement for recruitment and all our team members have successfully completed university education. Should you feel unsatisfied with your VA’s level of English proficiency, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will replace your VA.

First, we would appreciate if you give the VA’s team leader the opportunity to have a conversation with you to understand exactly which aspects of the VA’s performance you are unsatisfied with. We will retrain the VA to remedy these aspects, but if you are still not satisfied afterwards, we are happy to provide a replacement free of charge.

We can cater towards North American and European time zones. Most of our current clients are based in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada and South Africa.

Our clients appreciate that we are specialized in the e-commerce industry, whilst other agencies jump on many different industries at the same time. We operate our clients’ businesses like our own and are intimately familiar with the usual problems in e-commerce businesses. On top of that we tailor our services to each client and adjust our processes to fit into their business. We don’t just recruit VAs for your business, like other agencies do, but we train and manage them as well. For you it is just a simple monthly subscription, saving you the bureaucracy that comes with regular employment.

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